Head Temple: Kongouji -The origin of Nenpou Shinkyou, the place of refuge for all people, and the principal center of training and practice

The Origin of Souhonzan Kongouji, the Head Temple of Nenpou Shinkyou Buddhist Denomination

Constructing a Pure Land (paradise) in the material world in order to bring Amitabha's Pure Land to this earth and make it a good, joyful place to live is the mission of Nenpou Shinkyou and an important part of our activities, and was the dearest wish of our founder. The Kongouji Large Temple Complex "Garan" is his successor's (the Second Founder) physical expression of the desire to fulfill his wish.

Construction of the Garan building was completed in March 2000. The various buildings express, in a highly varied form, the superior design characteristics of Japanese architecture, and the temple’s expansive, magnificent appearance is in tune with the concept of creating a Pure Land in the material world. Kongouji was not just created for followers of Nenpou Shinkyou. It was constructed with the hope that it could be a place where all the sick and suffering can pray with peace of mind, a place allowing the creation of a Pure Land.

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