Activities -A list of main events held by the Head Temple

Jan. Shushoue (New Year Ceremony)

At this ceremony, which is conducted from midnight on New Year's Eve in the Kigan Hondou (main prayer hall), and from 9 a.m. on New Year's Day in the Raihaidou (central prayer room) inside the Haiden (worship hall) , we welcome the New Year, and pray for the protection and support of Buddha during the year ahead.

Apr. Busshoue (Buddha's Birthday Ceremony)

At this ceremony, which is also referred to as the Flower Festival or Kanbutsue, worshippers, including boys and girls in ceremonial dress, pour sweet tea over a statue of Buddha enshrined in the Hanamidou (flower hall) to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

May Memorial Service for Saipan War Dead

At the Last Command Post and at Banzai Cliff in Saipan, we comfort the souls of the many fallen who were lost during the Pacific War. We also organize local volunteers to help clean up the surrounding areas.

Memorial Service for the Victims of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb

On the first Sunday of July we perform a memorial service at Nagasaki Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Hypocenter Park whereby we comfort the souls of the victims of the atomic bombing through fine water tributes, the offering of paper cranes and the chanting of sutras for the departed spirits.

Jul. Memorial Service for the Victims of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

On the fourth Sunday in July, we hold a memorial service in front of the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound in Peace Memorial Park, and comfort the spirits of the victims of the atomic bombing with tributes of the finest waters from all over the country and flowers.

Aug. Memorial Service for Japanese War Dead / Goeika (chanting of Buddhist hymns) Houe

On 15 August, the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War, we perform a memorial service for the souls of the estimated 3.1 million Japanese whose lives were lost at Souhonzan Kongouji. Furthermore congregations from across the country dedicate memorial goeika.

Aug. Memorial Service for Victims of War in Okinawa

We carry out a remembrance service for the souls of those lost in the Pacific War at Okinawa Peace Memorial Hall. We also perform a pilgrimage around the memorial towers and remembrance monuments across Okinawa and pray for the repose of souls and peace.

Apr. Busshoue (Buddha's Birthday Ceremony)

We have established 3 August 1925, when Amitabha Tathagata appeared to Reigen Ogura in a dream, as the day on which our religion was founded, and every year on this day, we perform a memorial ceremony in which the 25 bodhisattvas (pictured) are slowly carried in a procession, and we renew our pledge to create a Pure Land in the material world.

Sept. Festival to Celebrate the Founder's Birthday

Even now, the soul of Reigen Ogura lives and watches over us. On 9 September (the day of the Chrysanthemum Festival), we celebrate his birthday in a grand festival that ranks alongside the Spring Festival (15 March) and the Rikkyousai Founding Festival as one of the three major celebratory events of the year.

Nov. Saitou-Goma-Ku (Fire Ritual Ceremony)/Memorial Service for Reisyouin

We conduct the grand fire ritual ceremony, a service of prayer for a peaceful world free of conflict and natural disasters.

Hono Akari Kongouji

This Light Up Event opens a section of the Head Temple premises to the public, so they can enjoy a view of the illuminated Kongouji. During the long autumn evenings, we greet our visitors with performances of ancient Japanese court music (gagaku), and modest offerings of tea and sweets.