Q&A -Answers to typical questions

Q.1 Can I freely visit the Head Temple, Kongouji, and all the branch temples spread across Japan?

Yes, you can. Enter details of the nature of your interest via the "Inquiries" page of our website. We will provide the appropriate guidance in response to your inquiry.

Q.2 How do I participate in the activities of Nenpou Shinkyou?

If you indicate your desire to become a follower via the "Inquiries" page of the Nenpou Shinkyou website, we (at Kongouji) will provide the appropriate guidance.

Q.3 If I already believe in, or am affiliated with, another faith or denomination, can I still participate?

In Nenpou Shinkyou, we teach that the world is one, and that all people should be aware of their mission in life and their reason for living, and that they should live happily, correctly, and in harmony with others. The aim of Nenpou Shinkyou is to create a world where all people, regardless of faith, denomination, nationality, or ethnic consciousness, can unite as friends and pray together without conflict. Therefore, without changing your belief in, or affiliation to, other faiths or denominations, you may receive the teachings of Nenpou Shinkyou on your path towards happiness.