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Handling of Personal Information

In line with the enforcement of laws concerning the protection of personal information on 1 April 2005, the Nenpou Shinkyou Buddhist Denomination (hereafter referred to as "Nenpou Shinkyou") established a "Personal Information Protection Policy" in relation to information security and the protection of personal information. Nenpou Shinkyou handles the personal information in its possession with care, and strives to ensure appropriate maintenance and the protection of privacy.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL is a protocol used to encrypt information that is exchanged over the Internet. It is a security method used with the objective of protecting important information, such as personal information, that is exchanged over the Internet from eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery by third parties. The "Inquiries" page on the Nenpou Shinkyou website, in which personal information is entered, is SSL secure. The personal information of parties making inquiries via this page is encoded, and safety measures have been implemented to ensure that it is not divulged or tampered with via the Internet.

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In order to protect privacy, SSL-encrypted communication is used for this page. Using an SSL-compatible browser will ensure that personal information is encrypted and sent safely.